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We are a small family farm in located in SE Michigan, raising our animals with love and priding ourselves in providing them with exceptional care. All of our products are sourced from our farm's fresh goat milk. Every unique product is created and hand packaged with love and dedication to this art. We use only the best ingredients, sourcing organic and local whenever possible, making every product from scratch. 


As a new business we are doing our very best to support our local community by providing clean, handmade farm fresh body care products. As a mother of 3 young kiddos, it was immensely important to me that my kids are getting the best and safest products to use on their bodies. There are far too many products that have unnecessary fillers and additives in them. I started making our goat milk products with my kid's health in mind and hope your family can enjoy them as much as we do. 


Funny enough, I was not the OG soap maker in our family. When I met my husband Michael, he enjoyed making soap as a hobby and showed me the ropes 11 years ago. I discovered how much I enjoyed the process and discovered we could use our farm fresh milk from our large dairy goat herd. I love the idea of creating something beautiful with the milk and offering a full circle farm fresh product. I really don't consider myself an artist but have truly come to enjoy the creation process. 

I started making soap in a bigger way in 2021. In 2022, Michael and I decided to take the plunge with a business...and Hooligans Soap Co. was born! We are so excited to show you all the hard work we put into our farm and our animals by making a phenomenal product to share. Our hand is in every element of the creation processes from milking the goats, sourcing the best ingredients, down to creating the product and all the labeling and packaging.  When you purchase from Hooligans Soap Co. you can surely see and feel the difference. 

Herb Infused Oils
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